Runway Report — Prada Fall 2013

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

There is no doubt that Prada’s Fall 2013 RTW collection was influenced by Hitchcockian elements.  From the dark shadows cast onto the walls to the presence of platinum blondes — Aline Weber and Juliana Schurig were perfectly cast as femme fatales. But the show did not entertain terror, instead it brought to the surface a melancholic feeling on the brink of despair.  As an ardent New York theatregoer, my mind is trained to participate and empathize with the protagonist, thus forcing everything else into a blur.  In the case of Miuccia’s Fall 2013 collection, the clothing became secondary to the models/actresses in the show.  Do not get me wrong, everything was quintessential Prada: modern, glorious, and a buyer’s dream, but what Ms. Prada manufactured at best was an emotional dialogue to the audience.

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

Though I saw the show during the livestream, I am sure it was much more impactful in the flesh.  I could only imagine the tell-tale hearts of some of the observers beating loudly under that wood-paneled runway as the models walked out to a soundtrack that only amplified the suspense and drama.  For me, the Prada girl is one of mistaken-identity.  Miuccia Prada was quoted to having said: “Romanticism is forbidden.”  Although I am a Pisces, I am afraid she is right.  Most of the models reminded me of a girl who was probably having an affair with a married man, and she was left in the rain after one last rendezvous in the backseat of a town car.  The styling from the unzipped and unbuttoned garments to the wet hair and the larger-sized bags suggested the concept of the other woman.  I know it is quite literal, but I want and need to discover why “Romanticism is forbidden.”  Other models seemed more tailored and together like a housewife, while others looked like the so-called other woman attempting to assimilate into the role of a housewife.

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

Photos: Marcus Tondon / In Digital / GoRunway /

Even if the clothing is the supporting cast of this show, it is a super collection in that each garment and accessory will most likely be picked up by every buyer in attendance.  The collection had perfectly tailored coat dresses and separates in crocodile leather and tweed with hints of metallic, and dresses with modern hems layered on top of sweater-like henleys.  One luxe urban look in particular, a red leather skirt paired with a teal sweater and a chestnut fur coat, brought to mind Carrie Bradshaw. However, it seemed she just had a goodbye with Mr. Big.  If Miuccia’s intention was terror, then she succeeded because Romanticism is definitely forbidden in this collection; a scary thought for a Pisces.



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